Adopted by North Texas Chow Chow Club 10 February 1990

Accepted by American Kennel Club 13 March 1990




Article VI

The Club Year, Annual Meeting, Elections

Section 1. Club Year. The Club’s fiscal year shall begin on the 1st day of March and

end on the last day of February.

The Club’s official year shall begin immediately at the conclusion of the

election at the annual meeting and shall continue through the election of

the next annual meeting.

Section 2. Annual Meeting. The annual meeting shall be held in the month of June at

which Officers and Directors for the ensuing year shall be elected by

secret, written ballot from among those nominated in accordance with

Section 4 of this Article. They shall take office immediately upon the

conclusion of the election and each retiring officer shall turn over to his

successor in office all properties and records relating to that office

within 30 days after the election.

Section 3. Elections. The nominated candidate receiving the greatest number of

votes for each office shall be declared elected. The seven nominated

candidates for the positions on the Board who receive the greatest

number of votes for such positions shall be declared elected.

Section 4. Nominations. No person may be a candidate in a Club election who has

not been nominated. During the month of February, the Board shall select

a Nominating Committee consisting of three members and one alternate,

not more than one of whom may be a member of the Board. The

Recording Secretary shall immediately notify the committeemen and

alternates of their selection and provide a listing of the membership that

fulfills the eligibility requirements. The Board shall name a chairman for

the committee and it shall be his duty to call a committee meeting which

shall be held on or before March 31st.

Qualification for Nominees. In order to be eligible to be named a

candidate for office, a person shall have attended six meetings, March of

the preceding year through February of the current year, and be clear of

any debts owed to the Club. If being renominated to the Board of

Directors, the nominee shall have attended at least four of the Regular

Board meetings in the same time period noted above.

(A) The Committee shall nominate from eligible members of the Club one

candidate for each office and two candidates for the two other

positions on the Board, and, after securing the consent of each person

so nominated, shall report their nominations to the Club members at

the regular April meeting. Any member wishing to consider other

nominees must verify the prospective nominee’s eligibility in

accordance with this section prior to the May meeting.

(B) Upon receipt of the Nominating Committee’s report, the Recording

Secretary shall, before April 20th, notify each Club member in writing of

the candidates so nominated. This may be accomplished as part of

the May meeting notification.

(C) Additional nominations may be made at the May meeting by any

member in attendance provided that the person so nominated does not

decline when his name is proposed, and provided further that if the

proposed candidate is not in attendance at this meeting, his proposer

shall present to the Secretary written statement from the proposed

candidate signifying willingness to be a candidate. No person may be

a candidate for more than one position.

(D) Nominations cannot be made at the annual meeting or in any manner

other than as provided in this Section.