Adopted by North Texas Chow Chow Club 10 February 1990

Accepted by American Kennel Club 13 March 1990




Article VIII


Section 1. American Kennel Club Suspension. Any member who is suspended from

the privileges of the American Kennel Club automatically shall be

suspended from the privileges of this Club for a like period.

Section 2. Charges. Any member may prefer changes against a member for alleged

violation of these By-Laws or any other conduct prejudicial to the best

interest of the Club or the breed. Written charges with specifications must

be filed in duplicate with the Recording Secretary together with a deposit

of $30.00 which shall be forfeited if such charges are not sustained by the

Board following a hearing. The Recording Secretary shall promptly send a

copy of the charges to each member of the Board or present them at a

Board meeting, and the Board shall first consider whether the actions

alleged in the charges, if proven, might constitute conduct prejudicial to

the best interests of the Club or the breed, it may refuse to entertain

jurisdiction. If the Board entertains jurisdiction of the charges it shall fix a

date for a hearing by the Board not less than three (3) weeks nor more

than six (6) weeks thereafter. The Recording Secretary shall promptly

send one copy of the charges to the accused member by registered mail

together with a notice of the hearing and an assurance that the defendant

may personally appear in his own defense and bring witnesses if he


Section 3. Board Hearing. The Board shall have complete authority to decide

whether counsel may attend the hearing, but both complainant and

defendant shall be sustained, after hearing all the evidence and testimony

presented by complainant and defendant, the Board may by a majority

vote of those present suspend the defendant from all privileges of the Club

for not more than six months from the date of the hearing. And, if it deems

the above punishment insufficient, it may also recommend to the

membership that the penalty be expulsion. In such case, the suspension

shall not restrict the defendantís right to appear before his fellow-members

at the ensuing Club meeting which considers the Boardís

recommendation. Immediately after the Board has reached a decision, its

findings shall be put in written form and filed with the Secretary. The

Secretary, in turn, shall notify each of the parties of the Boardís decision

and penalty, if any. If the charges are upheld, the $30.00 deposit paid by

the complainant shall be refunded to him.

Section 4. Expulsion. Expulsion of a member from the Club may be accomplished

only at a meeting of the Club following a Board hearing and upon the

Boardís recommendation as provided in Section 3 of this Article. Such

proceedings may occur at a regular or special meeting of the Club to be

held within 60 days but not earlier than 30 days after the date of the

Boardís recommendation of expulsion. The defendant shall have the

privilege of appearing in his own behalf though no evidence shall be taken

at this meeting. The President shall read the charges and the Boards

finding and recommendation, and shall invite the defendant, if present, to

speak in his own behalf if he wishes. The meeting shall then vote by

secret, written ballot on the proposed expulsion. A 2/3 affirmative vote of

those present and voting at the meeting shall be necessary for expulsion.

If expulsion is not so voted, the Boardís suspension shall stand.