2 Galapagos tortoises born in UK zoo mark milestone in breeding endangered species

Recently, two adorable Galapagos giant tortoises were born for the first time in a UK zoo, marking a major milestone for the breeding of the endangered species.

The two adorable Galapagos were born at Crocodiles of the World Zoo in Oxfordshire, after being sired by a 70-year-old male tortoise called Dirk. Although they are the size of tennis balls, the hatchlings will soon grow into giant Galapagos tortoises. Meanwhile, zoo founder Shaun Fogget said: “We are incredibly proud to have succeeded in raising these turtles, which were once very close to extinction.” Shaun also explained that these turtles still face an uncertain future. The main reasons were historical overexploitation and egg predation by invasive species. “We have all been hoping for this day since the giant tortoises joined us in 2018 and this is a significant achievement to help with the conservation of the species,” he added. CNN.

How were the two adorable Galapagos born?

The two adorable newborns were welcomed after zookeepers turned to Dirk – a 70-year-old Galapagos giant tortoise who first arrived in the UK in the 1960s and, despite his age, is in “optimal physical condition”. Dirk, who weighs 165kg, was bred with a 21-year-old female tortoise named Charlie in November 2021. At present, Crocodiles of the World is home to four adult Galapagos giant tortoises: two females named Zuzu and Isabella join Charlie and Dirk. .

According to zoo founder Shaun Fogget, it is very difficult for females to lay fertile eggs because the four reptiles mate regularly. Meanwhile, this time Charlie, the female turtle, laid the two eggs, they were placed in an incubator for four months. Luckily, they both hatched earlier this month, resulting in the two adorable turtles, reported CNN.

Image: AP

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