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Advice on new trends in CAP and breeding

Farmland: Advice on new trends in CAP and livestock farming

This week on agricultural land, guests join Agriland‘ Editor-in-chief Stella Meehan and beef technical specialist Breifne O’Brien, to discuss the upcoming Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), changes to the nitrate waiver and livestock farming trends.

On the program, which will go live at 7:00 p.m. this evening, agricultural advisers Paul Belton and Thomas Quinn join Meehan to discuss the key changes to the 2023-2027 CAP. They note changes to the eco-scheme, the Organic Farming Scheme (OFS) and the New Agroclimatic Rural Environmental Scheme (ACRES).

They offer their perspective on the main stumbling blocks that farmers may encounter when opting for these measures and share advice on considering the options that are right for your farming system.

On top of that, they discuss the announcement of a potential reduction in the nitrate waiver for certain areas with below-normal water quality. Belton and Quinn explain what this would mean for farmers with a waiver and how they could compensate for a reduced rate.

Later in farmland

Later in the program, from Agriland Breifne O’Brien sits down with Rose Goulding, Beef Program Manager at Progressive Genetics, to discuss the latest trends in artificial insemination (AI).

She notes a significant increase in demand for “easy-to-maintain cattle” in the suckler market as farmers switch to polled genetics to eliminate dehorning and chaff which will produce easy calving cows with good fertility, good temperament and good milk production.

Speaking about how the recently announced 25% sectoral emissions target will impact livestock practices, Goulding stressed that much can be done to increase the sustainability of livestock.

Within the suckler herd, there are a number of efficiency techniques that can help reduce emissions, Goulding says, including more females calving at two years old, reduced slaughter ages and good weaning weights.

The episode and the podcast of Farmland will air tonight on Agriland Platform. All episodes can be streamed via the award-winning digital platform,, and links will also be available at Agriland social media platforms.

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