Assam limits fishing nets during breeding season | Guwahati News

Guwahati: Fishing using berjal, mahajal, fasijal or any type of fishing nets with mesh sizes less than 7cm bar/14cm mesh was prohibited from April 1 to July 15, which is the fish breeding season.
State Department of Fisheries Information Officer Ratul Sarma told TOI that the prohibition order is issued in accordance with the Assam Fisheries Act 1953 and Rule 2005 on the fisheries of Assam (amendment). aforesaid nets is prohibited during the period. We have already alerted all districts about the ban,” he added.
The official further said that the Department of Fisheries, in cooperation with the district administrations, is carrying out awareness programs on the issue. “Banners and signs have been put up. Leaflets are distributed among the people. Sensitization meetings are organized in the villages so that people do not go fishing during this period,” he added.
During the above-mentioned period, capture and killing of broodstock (fish carrying eggs and sperm) of the species, namely rohu, bahu (Catla), mirika (Mrigal), mali (Koliajora), chital, khoriya, pithia, ghoria and kurhi in any fishing proclaimed or otherwise prohibited.
Sarma said that the Department of Fisheries is providing Rs 1,500 as savings and relief per month under the Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana to fishermen, who depend on fishing for their livelihood, during the prohibited period.
“Additionally, the department also offers anglers one-year life insurance policies, which are renewed annually. So far, 1,54,987 fishermen have benefited from the aforementioned advantages of the departments,” he said.