Baylham: Farm rewarded for 25 years of service to breeding

12:30 p.m. July 1, 2022

An award for 25 years of service in raising rare pigs was presented to Richard Storer, of Baylham House Rare Breeds Farm.

The silver prize, awarded by the British Pig Association, recognizes the farm’s breeding of three rare pigs, the Large Black, the Middle White and the Berkshire.

The farm still keeps and breeds the rare pigs, with a litter of Berkshire and Middle White expected later this year. Two Berkshire litters and one Middle White pig litter have already been born this year.

Kate Ockelton (right) accepted the award on behalf of Richard Storer at the Royal Norfolk Show.
– Credit: Maria Naylor

The farm’s Large Black breeding program has been disrupted by Covid but they hope to get it back on track soon.

Richard Storer and his late wife Ann started raising pigs in 1996 and Mr Storer said of the recognition: “I am delighted to receive the award from the British Pig Association.

“We look forward to many years of breeding rare breed pigs to come.”

Livestock manager at Baylham House, Kate Ockelton, said: “It was a pleasure to receive the award on Mr Storer’s behalf at the Royal Norfolk Show.

“I have worked for the Storers for 17 years and it is amazing to be part of a farm that is focused on rare breed survival.

“The farm is looking to increase its sheep herd, cattle herd and breeding sows over the next few years and we as a farm are excited to produce more rare breed cattle.”

The farm is also expecting two litters of the distinctive Kune Kune piglets, Mr Storer and his wife Ann being one of the first farms in the UK to have British breeds of pig.

British Pig Association chief executive Marcus Bates said: “We have eleven unique indigenous pig breeds in the UK and all are on the breeds at risk list.

“The British Pig Association and the Rare Breeds Survival Trust are dedicated to saving these breeds, but ultimately their survival depends on individual breeders like Mr Storer.

“That’s why celebrating pedigree breeders such as Mr. Storer who have completed 25 years of pedigree breeding.

“Without the long-term commitment of these breeders to our wonderful native breeds such as the Berkshire, Large Black and Middle White, all of which have featured at Baylham House Farm, we would not be able to pass them on to future generations. of British pigs. breeders.”

The British Pig Association Silver Prize

The British Pig Association’s silver award recognizes the farm’s breeding of three rare pigs, the Large Black, Middle White and Berkshire.
– Credit: Baylham House