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Beagles rescued from lab breeding farm arrive at PDX

PORTLAND, Oregon (KPTV) — Nearly 150 of 4,000 beagles rescued from a laboratory breeding farm arrived at Portland International Airport on Saturday.

“The first day of their new life begins today,” said Laura Klink, spokeswoman for the Oregon Humane Society.

The dogs were removed from Indiana-based Envigo RMS LLC after the US Department of Justice filed a lawsuit alleging animal welfare law violations at the Cumberland facility, in Virginia. In July, they were given to the Humane Society of the United States for nationwide adoption.

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Liz Everling, director of animal care and population management for the Human Society of Southern Washington, said the dogs have lived in kennels with one type of floor their entire lives, so everything will be new to them.

“They haven’t been exposed to the outdoors, grass, dirt, so this will all be new to them,” Everling said. “Which, all at once, can be very overwhelming, so we’re taking it slow and at their own pace.”

About 60 beagles will go to the OHS campus in Portland at 1067 Northeast Columbia Blvd., about 20 to the Salem campus at 4246 Turner Rd. Southeast, and about 15 to the Human Society of Southern Washington at 1100 Northeast 192nd Ave. in Vancouver, Wash.

“The best thing for them is to put them in a good home that can take things slow and we have a lot of good homes in the area,” Everling said.

Brian August, chief operating officer of OHS, said moving thousands of dogs to shelters where they can be placed in homes is an “everybody on deck” moment.

“As an Oregon Humane Society with two campuses, in Portland and Salem, we can help even more dogs like this,” August said.

Andrea Bruno, president of the Human Society of Southern Washington, said they were grateful to partner with HSUS to help find new homes for dogs.

“Any animal abuse or neglect is a tragedy, but the scale of this suffering is truly heartbreaking,” Bruno said.

Like all pets in their shelter, they will undergo a medical examination, all necessary medical attention and will be neutered or neutered.

“Our first goal is to make sure these dogs are healthy,” Bruno said. “When these dogs are ready for adoption, we know many families will be ready to give them the happy, loving homes they deserve.”

HSSW in Vancouver said they expect dogs to be ready for adoption next week, and OHS said they expect dogs to be available as early as Tuesday with no waiting list.

To learn more about adopting these dogs, people can visit the OSH website for information on the Portland and Salem locations, and visit the HSSW website for information on the Vancouver location.

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