When it comes to homeowner’s insurance, several plans exclude certain “aggressive” dog breeds. That is beginning to change, thanks to animal welfare organizations. For years, most insurers have had local coverage or outright rejected insurance to families with a dog they consider to be of a potentially dangerous breed. PitRead More →

Credit: New York Post Kendrick Perkins became incredibly popular after his NBA career as an ESPN analyst. As a former player, Perkins isn’t shy about speaking his mind. His portrayals of many current NBA stars got him into hot water, including his beef with Draymond Green. However, basketball analysis isn’tRead More →

A pair of Tree Swallows that survived the record mid-March blizzard south of us last spring went straight to work when they finally arrived. They chose one of the birdhouses I maintain at a nearby golf course. There was a courtship. There was coupling. The pair of birds combined theirRead More →

Cheyenne Ellis shares a moment with her female hedgehog Minerva. “Hedgehogs really depend on the interaction of their humans,” says Ellis, who started a hedgehog breeding program. “They bond so deeply with their owners.” Chancey Bush/The Gazette It’s something you didn’t know you had to see until you did: aRead More →

In Burundi, a rare type of business is emerging. For many Burundians, snakes symbolize demons. Its slightest presence in homes leads to its rapid death and only grown men, and only the daring, dare to attack snakes. Nevertheless, it is a very important source of income for its breeders, aRead More →

The Jockey Club Board of Directors announced that they had adopted a final rule limiting the annual breeding of individual stallions. iStock/Lillis Photography In May 2020, the Jockey Club Board announced that it had adopted a final rule limiting the annual breeding of individual stallions. The rule reflects the JockeyRead More →