Charlotte’s Weather May Promote Mosquito Breeding

Perhaps nothing exemplifies the Carolina summer experience better than venturing outside after a late afternoon thunderstorm to feel like you’re being devoured by mosquitoes. .

Pesky critters are an ever-present nuisance in the area, especially in the summer, but certain types of seasonal weather conditions can make them particularly active. Yet certain high temperatures can actually decrease mosquito activity.

And it’s worth understanding when and where they’ll be most prevalent, as they can carry disease in addition to leaving you covered in irritating bites.

Here’s what to know about the types of weather that attract mosquitoes:

What weather do mosquitoes like?

Mosquitoes breed quickly when the weather is hot and humid, pest control company Orkin advisesa common occurrence in Charlotte from spring through summer.

“In fact, Charlotte is often cited as having one of the most serious mosquito problems in the country,” Orkin says.

Once mosquitoes reproduce and lay their eggs, it only takes a few weeks for the eggs to become adults.

Even mosquitoes can find particularly high temperatures too hot, research shows. A 2015 study found they had a ‘sensitive thermometer’ to help them know when temperatures hit a dangerous level for them, near triple digits.

Do mosquitoes come out in the rain?

According to Orkin, mosquitoes like to be around and breed in and near standing water, so summer rainstorms can lead to increased breeding and, therefore, more mosquitoes.

Orkin recommends people “drain standing water in their yard every five days to prevent breeding”, taking care “to check pool covers, old tires and planters for collected rainwater” so limit mosquito habitats.

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Mary Ramsey is a duty reporter for The Charlotte Observer. Originally from the Carolinas, she studied journalism at the University of South Carolina and has also worked in Phoenix, Arizona and Louisville, Kentucky.