Combining the love of milk and breeding

KATRINA Galindo grew up with beef cows and horses, then fell in love with the dairy industry.

Today, she combines both dairy and beef with her interest in artificial breeding, in her new role as Genetics Australia Regional Sales Manager for Gippsland.

One of Katrina’s priorities will be to establish close links with farmers, drawing on its solid experience in this field.

“I love selling, but most of all I love building relationships through account management,” she said.

“I love going out to farms where you really get to know the families.”

Katrina, based in Warragul, grew up on a cattle farm and around horses and first worked with racehorses after earning a bachelor’s degree in equine science.

However, her interest in artificial breeding prompted her to change careers.

“Race horses don’t do artificial breeding, so I took AI courses and got into the dairy industry as a ruminant nutritionist, which I really enjoyed,” said- she declared.

Katrina undertook extensive studies in the dairy field, including courses in raising healthy calves, artificial insemination and reproductive management, pasture feeding for profit, business fundamentals agriculture and advanced ruminant nutrition.

Her career move into dairy in 2015 proved to be a great success and Katrina has since held several positions in sales, accounts and farm management.

His new role at Genetics Australia suits him perfectly.

“Now I combine both my knowledge of artificial breeding technologies and my love of the dairy industry and my love of animals of all shapes and sizes,” she said.

“I’m a bit of a scientist and the artificial breeding side of the business is really exciting because it opens up the world.”

Katrina now sees her future primarily in the dairy industry and is excited about the opportunities in genetics.

“The dairy industry is definitely changing, but that’s not a bad thing and it’s in a good place right now,” she said.

“I absolutely want to stay in the dairy industry. I moved for six months and really missed it, so I’m glad to be back.

Although she’s turned to dairy for bigger job opportunities, she won’t ignore beef in her new job.

“The genetics industry is also seeing growth in beef. Commercial cattle herds are turning to AI, which is exciting,” Katrina said.