Confusion reigns over when sea voyage will resume

Already struggling due to the cancellation of the diesel quota, the fishing community is confused as to when exactly they are supposed to resume their sea voyage after the customary fishing ban. The confusion that oscillates between August 1 and August 15 is due to the contrasting claims of the fishing communities of the different coastal strips.

While the fishermen’s cooperatives of Thane and Palghar want an active fishing season from August 15 to May 15, their counterparts in Mumbai, Mumbai (suburb), Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri are campaigning for fishing activities to be allowed from August 15 to 10 June.

Considered as an indispensable strategy for the conservation and management of fisheries resources, the central government authorities, in their ordinance framed by the Marine Coastal Policy-2016, decreed a 61-day ban (from June 1 to July 31) for the State of Gujarat. and Maharashtra.

According to this directive from the central government, the fishing ban ends on July 31 and fishermen can resume their activities from August 1. “It is true that confusion reigns but in the current state, fishing activities can resume from August 1st. In view of the requests from various regions, the fisheries department should send them all to the central government’s maritime coastal police committee for a final decision, which is the only way to end the confusion forever,” the official said. veteran fishing community leader, Georgy Govind. Picturesque fishing villages including Uttan, Pali, Dongri, Bhatte Bunder and Chowk are home to over 750 fishing boats in the area. A few years ago, the duration of the ban was 75 days from June 1 to August 15.

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