De Ruiter and Signify join forces to educate on breeding with LED

Last week, Signify invited a large group of around 40 tomato customers from over 15 countries, growing with Philips LED grow lights. They participated in a 3-day program on the latest research, several workshops around the future of LED lighting in culture and the network. De Ruiter had the opportunity to host the afternoon program at the De Ruiter Experience Center on May 18 to educate these innovative growers on the world of LED breeding, as well as advanced precision horticulture.

De Ruiter and Signify join forces to educate on breeding with LED
De Ruiter worked with Kay Rauwerdink, global marketing manager for the vegetable and fruit segment at Signify. Kay: “We were absolutely delighted that De Ruiter gave us this opportunity. For our customers, it is a great added value to know more about the broader perspective; starting with the selection, to the final tasteful tomatoes. By bringing our stories together, we have made it so much stronger for all visitors.

Share your knowledge
The event was highly appreciated by visitors from all over the world, for example by Lukas Razl, producer of Nase Rajce Agro Kadan from the Czech Republic. Lukas: “I found the information shared very useful and the event was informative. I think it is extremely valuable to exchange knowledge in an open and transparent manner.

Meet in person
Jack Endhoven, De Ruiter Key Account Manager Horticultural Projects, was delighted to meet customers live again: “After two years of Covid, it’s like a warm welcome to meet again with so many customers from all over the world and from share the same interest: the tomato exchange of knowledge. Together with Signify, we tried to put together a full experience – including a 5-course tomato menu – to have fun and enjoy the energetic vibe of De Ruiter Experience Center.

This enthusiasm was shared by Svetlana Tokunova, Customer Marketing Manager of De Ruiter: “The event season is open and we are delighted to talk face to face with our customers and partners! The partnership event between Signify and De Ruiter Experience Center brought together 40 multinational customers from 15 countries! Knowledge exchange as key to our customer-centric approach led us through the afternoon with three topics around advanced precision horticulture, the future of breeding and the history of flavor and taste as a key driver of merchant/retailer relationships.

Daniele Damoiseau, Global Marcom Manager Horticulture [email protected]