Dog attacks are increasing due to improper breeding, lack of exercise

New Delhi, September 11: Several cases of attacks by dogs of different breeds have recently come to light in Delhi-NCR. Breeds such as the German Shepherd, Pit Bull, Great Dane, Boxer, Labrador, Rottweiler, Pug, and Golden Retriever become aggressive due to lack of proper training and environment.

Most pet shops and breeders are not registered in India. Due to the illegal breeding of dogs, changes occur in their DNA. According to experts, due to the forced keeping of dogs in the house, dogs attack. Because they are not used to being enclosed between four walls, their nature changes. Foreign breeds are also sold illegally in various parts of the country.

Various NGOs have urged Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairy Minister Parshottam Rupala to urgently amend the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Breeding and Marketing of Dogs) Rules 2017, under which a request has been made to ban the breeding and breeding of ‘intimidating breeds’ such as ‘Pitbulls’. At the same time, there is also a demand for banning illegal pet shops, breeders as well as taking action against illegal dog fighting across the country.

Dev Rawat, who has been self-employed and has been training dogs since 1995, told IANS: “The biggest problem is that dogs aren’t properly fed and they travel less. A lot of times people breed a dog because of a hobby, but because of their work, they keep the dogs locked in the house all day, because of this the dog begins to become irritable.

“Dogs are not trained properly. No breed of dog is dangerous, it is more important how they are raised. Being tied up in the house all the time is one of the reasons dogs bite.”

He said: “People in the village and in the countryside often cross dogs to earn money, his practice has started to increase illegally. No one has proper information about dogs.

Gauri Maulekhi, administrator of People for Animals, told IANS that “recent incidents of dog bites show that such dogs should not be sold. Many exotic dog species are not suitable for living in the Indian environment breeding rules in 2017 but the rules are not being followed properly.”

“Dog breeders separate puppies from their mothers before they are 8 weeks old. At the same time, if the breeding is not done properly, the temperament of the dog changes and it gets diseases. People breed dogs in small houses, because of which they attack.”

In the recent attack of a “Pitbull” dog, a boy had to receive around 150 stitches in the face.

In fact, breeders often sell dogs such as Pitbulls without warning the public that these dogs are specifically bred to fight and attack. Pit bulls are thought to belong to “bully breeds” that were originally bred for entertainment purposes, in which the dogs were tricked into attacking bulls or bears in captivity. Now these dogs are commonly used for illegal dog fighting, a form of gambling.

Dogs such as Pitbulls are deliberately bred to fight, trained to be violent, or forcibly used as guard dogs by being chained up. This abuse makes dogs fearful and defensive. Dogs are trained by many trainers through punishment rather than positive reinforcement.

PETA India told IANS that “Maneka Gandhi recently estimated that there are more than one lakh illegal pet shops and breeders in the country. Recently, notices were issued to 67 illegal pet shops and 12 breeders in Hyderabad notified 150 illegal pet shops and then ordered the Municipal Corporation to take action against unregistered pet shops and breeders operating in the city.”

How many licensed coaches are there? In response to this question, PETA India said, “There is no provision for dog trainer license in any institution.”

Regarding the cross-breeding process, experts have stated that “pet stores or breeders who breed female dogs in their centers deprive them of adequate nutrition, medical care, exercise and social activities.”

Dogs of exotic breeds such as boxers, German shepherds, and Labrador retrievers are largely characterized by genetic and hereditary diseases, as these animals are bred for unnatural traits such as flat faces or long backs.