Egg Rearing and Hatching Guide

In order to get new TemTem with better stats, players can raise and hatch these little battle monsters by themselves.

In TimeTem, players travel the world in search of the best TemTem to collect and battle. But TemTem didn’t just catch them in the wild; players can also get more by leveling up the TemTem they already have.

How breeding works in TemTem

In order for TemTem to reproduce in this PokemonIn the game style, players must assemble two TemTem in a breeding center. TemTem Eggs can inherit stats from their parents randomly, and there are also things that can help make certain outcomes more likely. For two TemTem to spawn, players must choose the correct two to pair.


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  • One TemTem must be male and one must be female to successfully create an egg.
  • Both TemTem must share a type. For example, players can breed two Wind-type TemTem but cannot breed a Wind-type and a Melee-type together.
  • The exception is Mimit, which can breed with any other type of TemTem.
  • Fertility is an important stat for TemTem; it determines how many times one can reproduce. After producing an egg, fertility is reduced by one for both parents. The offspring inherits the lowest fertility number among its parents.

The TemTem Breeding Center

In the Pokemon-like MMORPG called TimeTem, the breeding center is located in Upper Omninesia. The location is marked on this map below:

The Breeding Center will store up to two pairs of TemTem per player and offers breeding items, called DNA Strands, for sale.

  • Vitality (inherits the holder’s HP) – 1,000 Pansuns
  • Stamina (inherits the holder’s STA) – 1,000 Pansuns
  • Lithe (inherits the holder’s SPD) – 1,000 Pansuns
  • Aggressive (inherits ATK from holder) – 1,000 Pansuns
  • Hardening (inherits the holder’s DEF) – 1,000 Pansuns
  • Gifted (inherits the holder’s SPATK) – 1,000 Pansuns
  • Dominant (inherits the holder’s SPDEF) – 1,000 Pansuns
  • Vigor (inherits the holder’s HP and STA) – 5,000 Pansuns
  • Mighty (inherits the holder’s ATK and SPATK) – 5,000 Pansuns
  • Immunity (inherits holder’s DEF and SPDEF) – 5,000 Pansuns
  • Crafted (inherits trait slot from holder) – 10,000 Pansuns

In order to use the breeding center, players must drop both to breed (along with all breeding items) and give the center 50 Pansuns. Reproduction takes between 5 and 10 minutes; then players can return to get their TemTem and egg. Eggs take between 5 and 45 minutes to hatch, but any egg can be hatched instantly using an Incubator Ticket.

How to Breed the Perfect TemTem

Breeding the perfect TemTem is a long process that involves gathering tons of compatible TemTems and breeding them one pair at a time. This chart from the Wiki by user SkilledAlpaca is very helpful in laying out the whole process:

TimeTem is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS5 and Xbox Series S/X.

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