Equine Health Clinics Fighting Overbreeding and Abandonment

Equestrian charities work together to provide clinics for horse owners to offer help with all aspects of equine care, from deworming to weight management, with hundreds of horses and ponies benefiting from their services. British Horse Society (BHS) clinics are run with other charities, including Bransby Horses, as well as horse professionals.

Clinics include advice as well as gelding, passport and microchipping services. Horses and ponies can also benefit from dental checks, hoof care and vaccinations. They are run with the aim of preventing indiscriminate breeding and abandonment of equines – ‘a very real problem’ for Bransby, as the charity struggles to accommodate the number of horses in need of its help .

“Being seen as a support network for any equine owner is a great achievement for all agencies involved,” said Rachel Jenkinson, Bransby’s welfare manager. “The only way to solve the problem is to offer solutions.”

Over the past seven years, the BHS has held 32 clinics, seen over 1,450 horses and gelded over 680 colts and stallions. Each clinic receives an average of 45 horses accompanied by their owners.

The next clinic will take place on July 13, during a BHS Safety Team road safety discussion evening, with more details to be confirmed.

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