Farming fresh insects in sugar cane fields, opinion issued : The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Karnal, March 24

After suffering huge losses from the major borer in the past season, sugar cane growers are worried as the new breeding has been reported across the region.

Scientists from the Institute of Sugar Cane Breeding, Karnal Regional Center found eggs and moths in the fields. Production was affected last season due to insect breeding.

“We surveyed the whole area and found eggs and moths in the fields. The breeding of the insect is dangerous at the moment as the cultivation of sugarcane is in progress,” said Dr. SK Pandey, Director of the Institute of Sugarcane Breeding, Karnal Regional Center .

“The top borer has six instars and at present it is in the reproductive stage. This is a good time to cut livestock. If breeding is stopped in time, it could help save the harvest,” he added.

In November-December, the insect remains in hibernation and lives on top of the sugar cane, while in February it becomes an adult, Dr Pandey said.

Explaining the attack of the insect, he said that the first two generations attack young plants. In subsequent generations, the pest attacks the terminal part of the cane, causing a “bushy top”. The third and fourth generations cause maximum damage. The pest remains active from February to October.

Meanwhile, scientists have issued an advisory to farmers to remain vigilant and ensure proper management to stop breeding.

Charan Dev, a farmer from Badagaon village, said that in the last season he witnessed the effect of insects. Now in the cool season, he has detected this insect in eight acres of land so far.