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Fluf NFT Collection announces breeding is now live!

Fluf NFT has announced that Breeding is now live. They have produced incubation chambers, from there they will be able to generate offspring from matched male and female DNA. Fluf has been teasing the idea for a while now, but community members are super excited that it’s going live.

Breeding EGGS come in five different rarity types, green, yellow, red, light blue, and purple. Additionally, each EGG will contain different levels of attributes in 3 different categories.

Fluf World breeding, the creation of a Fluf baby collection is now live.

Current Fluf NFT holders will be able to claim their Eggs at the Sparkenski Laboratory.

The Fluf NFT ecosystem is growing

Obviously, with the incorporation of a reproductive mechanism, this potentially gives individuals the opportunity to enter the ecosystem at a lower cost. We see major NFT brands dropping sub-collections all the time to encourage ecosystem growth.

Several questions in community threads have focused on whether this will provide a low price for people to get involved with Fluf. Breeding will create unique baby Flufs that will live on OpenSea as a separate project. Plus, they supposedly have some cool things planned for the new collection.

The breeding mechanism differs from something like CoolCats, let’s say it offered a claim for a pet. The Fluf team has been transparent throughout the process of building the NFT brand and has in turn built a premier project in the space. Fluf World currently has a floor of 2.85 ETH and has very strong community support. People are eagerly awaiting what’s to come with Baby Flufs.

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