French racing and breeding made easy

If you are a breeder planning to board one or more mares in France, or an owner planning to race in this country, then the name Charlotte André is one you might want to know. France has many well-documented strengths, led by price increases in 2022 and lucrative bonuses paid to owners and breeders of horses bred in the country. This scheme is open to descendants of stallions based in France and abroad and applies throughout a horse’s racing career. But, as with all bonuses, it’s essential to make sure your foal ticks all the boxes. So if you don’t fancy losing 80% of your 2yo premium just because your mare got back to France a few days late, then you’ll probably like to meet André.

Originally from the center of France, where many high-level riders are bred, André was surrounded by horses from birth and graduated as an agricultural engineer. She has now worked in the racing industry for 20 years, 16 of which were spent running the office of Ecurie des Monceaux, the operation that topped the seller rankings at the Arqana August Yearling Sale during the last decade.

She remembers: “I arrived at Monceaux in 2005, just one year after Henri Bozo was appointed manager. I spent my first three years working with mares and foals, before moving into office and client relations. It was a privilege to meet many personalities from the international racing and breeding scene, including Lady O’Reilly, David Redvers and Sheikh Fahad Al Thani. We had loyal customers as well as a constant influx of new customers, thanks to Henri’s dynamism and talent. Looking back on this once-in-a-lifetime entrepreneurial experience, I feel honored to have witnessed Monceaux rise to leadership position as a yearling seller, and to have played a tiny part in the production of 11 winners. of Group/Grade 1 including Sistercharlie (Ire) ( Myboycharlie {Ire}) and Sottsass (Fr) (Siyouni {Fr}).

Earlier this year, André started his own business by creating “Le Racing Office”, a one-stop-shop for all foreign investors with racing and/or breeding interests in France.

With the simple objective of saving its clients all the paperwork and administrative formalities so that they can focus on their passion, Le Racing Office offers a wide range of services covering all interactions with the French authorities (registration of horses, appellation, registration of owners, request for racing colors, etc.), account management, breeding formalities (nominations, registration for French premiums, transport) and keeping you informed of your horses through photos, videos and reports.

She explains: “Many times during my time at the Ecurie des Monceaux, I noticed that managing a racing or breeding business in France was not easy for foreigners, even small ones. ladder. As in many other countries, the bureaucracy can be off-putting, the tax system can be difficult to navigate and of course there is the language barrier. My goal is to make life easier for foreign owners and breeders, with a single point of contact to manage their file and be in contact with professionals in the field to give them regular feedback on their horses.

André would like to point out that this new adventure would not have been possible without his prolonged stay at the Ecurie des Monceaux.

“I am extremely grateful to Henri Bozo for the unique experience I had at Monceaux and remain extremely attached to this wonderful operation,” she said. “Henri is a recognized rider and a visionary. Working alongside him for 16 years taught me a lot and gave me the confidence to start my own business.