Good luck buying breeding ewes

Malcolm Starritt with a Border Leicester ram.

Malcolm Starritt of Womboota Border Leicesters says he expects strong interest from breeders looking to plan demand for quality breeding ewes at their annual sale on September 29.

Mr Starritt said buying Border Leicester rams bred by Womboota offered commercial sheep farmers the opportunity to sell a branded product from their farm.

“We offer top lamb breeders the opportunity to purchase breeding ewes which, with proper management, provide high lambing percentages, early sale of offspring and an easy to care for ewe that does not require diets. expensive management to generate profits,” he said.

Mr Starritt said the stud delivers trusted rams for the premium lamb industry in four ways:

  • Comparative analysis. The stud always looks for genetics that can improve its own herd and compares genetics.
  • Let nature take its course. Womboota Border Leicesters manages stud ewes with a commercial structure. He doesn’t “pamper” his sheep – they lamb without interference to establish their true value to the industry: “If they lose a big lamb, they’re not a good mother.
  • The measurement. The stud measures birth weights, maternal behavior scores, lambing condition, weaning, early post-weaning, post-weaning and yearling weights, fat and eye muscle depth, wool weight and mature ewe weight and condition scores to ensure stud sheep are selected for maximum profitability for customers.

“We care about our customers’ businesses,” he said.

“We don’t sell as many rams as possible.

“Our customers must succeed in their own breeding programs and we ensure that they are happy with their rams long after the auctioneer’s hammer has fallen.

“We measure the success of our stud by the success of our clients.”

Twenty-five stud-ready young ewes will also be offered to Border Leicester Stud breeders wishing to add a few ewes to their flocks.

The on-site sale will take place at 1 p.m. at 3783 Perricoota Rd, Womboota.

For more information, see the announcement in this week’s edition Country News.