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Dickman Farms Farm of the Year 2021

greenhouse grower The long history of awarding growers, breeders, suppliers and other innovators through the Medals of Excellence program continues this year. At AmericanHort’s Cultivate’22, we will be giving away the following prizes, among others:

  • Lead Grower of the Year, awarded annually to the lead grower of an ornamental plant operation who has been a leader in their own operation and serves as an example for growers around the world to emulate. Nominees for Chief Producer of the Year must exemplify high-quality, modern production practices, embrace technology and innovation, lead, motivate and mentor other staff, make valuable contributions to the operations management team and be actively engaged in the industry. Last year’s winner was Steve Garvey of Dallas Johnson Greenhouses.
  • Operation of the Year, awarded to a greenhouse company that has demonstrated excellence in all facets of its operation and serves as an example to producers across the country. Nominees for Operation of the Year must exemplify high-quality, modern production practices, demonstrate innovative marketing, be strong in customer service, embrace technology and demonstrate leadership within community and industry. Dickman Farms won the award in 2021.
  • Technology of the Year, presented to suppliers to the greenhouse industry who develop new or proven innovations that make agricultural production more efficient while improving plant quality. The award recognizes excellence in categories such as lighting, automation, structures, data management, environmental controls, and more. Learn more about Candidus, last year’s winner, here.
  • The Industry Achievement Award, which recognizes the lifetime achievements of individuals and organizations who have dedicated their work to the mission of advancing plant varieties and the floriculture industry.
  • The Innovator Award recognizes one or more individuals, a company or a partnership of companies who have demonstrated excellence in developing a breakthrough idea, process or technology, and have shown its transformative potential to improve an area. horticulture/controlled environment. and create economic value. It also recognizes innovators who have demonstrated excellence and innovation early in their careers or throughout their careers, or individuals and companies who are in the early stages of an innovation breakthrough. .

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