Highway pits breeding ground for disease: The Tribune India

Small pits here and there on the Dwarka Highway are filled with dirty and smelly standing water. These are breeding grounds for mosquitoes that put 10,000 families at risk of various vector-borne diseases. Despite repeated complaints and requests, no action is taken.

Sunil Sareen, Gurugram

Randomly parked vehicles clutter the roads

Congested lanes, haphazardly parked vehicles and encroaching bustling markets in Ambala cantonment have become a hardship for commuters. Poorly parked vehicles in congested markets often leave a narrow passage for a four-wheeled vehicle. The administration should take tough action against traders who keep their goods on the roads and also against people who leave their vehicles unattended in the markets.

Ravi Kumar, Ambala

Must-see car parks in the city of Rohtak markets to avoid traffic jams

The lack of parking lots is the main reason for the congestion in the main markets of Rohtak city, as visitors have to park their vehicles on the roads. Although a white line has been drawn on the main roads, but these are insufficient because there is a heavy load of vehicles. The anti-encroachment campaigns by the city authorities are a good initiative, but car parks should also be built near major markets, especially Model Town, Jhajjar Road and Railway Road, to decongest the markets.

Mukesh Bagri, Rohtak

The threat of stray animals on the rise

The threat of stray animals is on the rise in the twin cities of Yamunanagar and Jagadhri. Herds of wandering cows and buffalo roam freely on the many streets in busy areas, creating a nuisance. A number of animals can be seen roaming all over the streets and roads. Animals not only disrupt traffic on the roads, they also cause accidents. The authorities of the municipality should take concrete measures to save people from the unfortunate incidents that occur every day because of the stray animals here.

Anil Kaushik, Yamunanagar

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