“Modern tomato breeding will pay more attention to flavor and taste”

“Our company was established in July 2008, located in Shouguang city, Shandong province, and engaged in vegetable seed research and innovation. The variety R&D testing screening farm in Shouguang covers a area of ​​more than 7 hectares, and there are breeding production bases in many places in China.” Said Huang, manager of Shouguang SALH Agriculture Co., Ltd.

“Tomato farming is one of our main activities. Tomatoes can be eaten fresh or cooked. They are cultivated in a very large area in China and are cultivated in different ways. The market is mainly divided into pink, red and small fruits. . In the early years, the northern market loved pink fruits, and the south liked red fruits. However, with the integration of cultures and the movement of people, regionality is no longer evident. Tomato disease resistance is key for breeders, with the former TY virus and now the ToBRFV challenge. Second, with the improvement of people’s living standards and the maturity of logistics cold chain conditions, consumers have higher requirements for the taste of tomatoes. Therefore, when selecting, more attention will be paid to taste and flavor, and the pursuit of performance during transportation and high yield is no longer blindly pursued .

Growers need varieties with high resistance and good yield, and the greater demand from end consumers is better in taste. Therefore, for breeders, how to balance these requirements is key. Strawberry tomatoes are one of the most popular snack tomatoes right now. It is characterized by beautiful green shoulders, dark green in color, sweet and sour taste and strong resistance to cracking. The yield of large tomatoes is about 112,500-150,000 kg per hectare. Current strawberry tomato production is only half that of large tomatoes, but the price is essentially more than double that of regular large tomatoes.

Strawberry tomato, Xianmei No. 5

“Selection is hard work. It requires constant experimentation and the whole process is full of uncertainties. We have just planted 800 sets of experimental varieties for the fall, of which 500 sets are completely new combinations, which is a lot of work. efforts, we have already sold three varieties of more than 50,000 bags for three consecutive years, which is a very good result. »

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