NEADS opens new breeding facility

PRINCETON, Mass. – NEADS is making room to breed more future service dogs. A new breeding facility will allow the nonprofit to care for 10 litters at a time, about five times the number they currently have.

“It gives us the opportunity to raise more puppies,” said Kate Albertini. “Train more puppies in our program.”

Albertini is responsible for raising and developing the puppies. She said the pandemic had hit the breeding program hard. They pair about 20 dogs a year with clients, half of what they did before.

“Our ultimate goal is not only to return to our pre-covid games of 40 clients per year, but to actually increase it to 65 clients per year,” Albertini said.

NEADS Service Dogs work with veterans and people with disabilities. Their list of approved clients is growing faster than the number of dogs they can train.

“We have a very great need for service dogs in all of our programs,” Albertini said. “We have a long list of accepted clients and we are working very hard to serve these clients as quickly as possible.”

Albertini said the new facility will be a significant change for his breeding program. Everything dogs need is here.

“The purpose of this building is to help us better support our mission to change lives through world-class service dogs,” Albertini said.

Dancer is the mother of a new litter from NEAD. The black and yellow lab puppies might be one of the first to try out the new facility.