Pokemon Scarlet and Violet might not have breeding

New Pokémon breeding leaks and rumors are pouring in as fans anticipate more news about the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

As fans eagerly await the release of Pokemon scarlet and violet, the community quickly began circulating new rumors about what might happen to the new titles and what might not. A recent string of alleged leaks appear to specifically reference the reproductive mechanism in Pokemon games, implying that this feature may not appear in the same way as previous games introduce it.

This specific rumor comes from CentroLeaks on Twitter, a major source of alleged leaked information and rumors around the Pokemon series as a whole. Although no direct source is specified, CentroLeaks alleges that Pokemon scarlet and violet will specifically make changes to the nursery, where breeding has taken place in previous games.


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In the first article on the subject, @CentroLeaks claims that Pokemon scarlet and violet will not include breeding in the games. However, it’s also clarified that eggs won’t be removed entirely, even if the usual system for finding them is removed from the upcoming title. The implication here being that Game Freak will be implementing a new system for finding and hatching eggs into specified Pokémon. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much information about this new form of breadcrumbs since the initial leak.

Further clarification on the status of breeding in the next Pokemon specifies that what could really be removed is the nursery where this functionality normally takes place. According to CentroLeaks, the source also specifically mentioned a new mechanic replacing breeding as a way to find and hatch. Pokemon scarlet and violeteggs. That being said, it still doesn’t give fans much on how this might change breeding, as well as some of the more advanced training strategies.

A major change to the breeding system like this is the kind of thing that many casual fans might not really notice, since more of the series tends to revolve around catching Pokemon instead. than their breeding. However, this could have a significant impact on PokemonThe competitive scene in , thanks in part to how not being able to train Pokemon from level one could interact with EV training. Additionally, removing the nursery might even worry less competitive players, as it can often be the way to bring some weaker Pokemon to higher levels where they become more useful and easier to train. All in all, if this rumor turns out to be true, it could mean some major changes could be happening. Pokemon scarlet and violet which some players may not have been ready for.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are set to release on November 18 for Switch.

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