Poor Reproduction – Human Capital

bad breedingDe’s particular brand of anarcho-punk is one that, when delivered by others, can feel a bit overdone or, worse, lacking in anything remotely memorable. Luckily, BB peddles their fearsome raw material in a way closer to the likes of Rude than any of the simple charlatans of the genre, and that raises them well above the shoulders of any artist who can be classified as such. It’s an acquired taste but perseverance is a virtue here.

Human capital is relentless from the start. Aggressive, almost indecipherable lyrics with a socio-political left-wing bent, it’s actually a relief when the slower title track kicks off halfway through the album. This is perhaps a path the group should consider taking a little further, releasing killer joke tap vibrations to change rather than, say, The exploited. ‘Nostalgia trip‘ after all is a doppelganger of ‘Ghost towns‘ (in a good way), at least at first.

Not that this is a criticism of the band in any way. Just that the aural assault up to that title track sounds more like a chainsaw attack, buzzing, frantic guitars everywhere and Chris Dodd’s razor-blade vocals going head-to-head with someone he doesn’t don’t like the look. But that’s fine because those people are probably conservatives. I think I’d rather sit and watch with a big bag of popcorn than interrupt the fight.

In the folder is a lengthy essay on the state of Britain in the 2020s. Jake Farrell notes that “we are stuck on our islands of self-obsession by cultural forces that emphasize our differences, separate us and distrust one another. It’s as if in recent years, especially during the immediate onslaught of austerity after the 2008 financial crisis, the idea of ​​community itself is under attack.”

He has a point. The past six years have felt like a deluge of divide-and-conquer tactics from the right. No wonder Bad Breeding sounds so angry. They are, however, on the friendlier side of society, despite their gnarly nature, like these words from the opener ‘Community‘ illustrates:

Hollow landlords suffocate / Starve and ruin themselves in the name of valor / Emaciated on the 14th floor / Building for a better future / Spoon, debt and lifeless sheets / Forming debt in lines to eat / What’s left of your own dignity / Dragged teeth the brick of survival.”

Human capital is filled to the brim with shrewd ideology, though it is often difficult to decipher. But that’s why it demands to be played HARD. Join them. Don’t let the bastards win.