PT TIMAH Tbk: Wow, Belitung Island has a Sambar deer farm

Wow, Belitung Island has a Sambar deer farm

*PT Timah Tbk establishes a Sambar deer farm in Batu Besi

EAST BELITUNG – To preserve the Sambar deer population, PT Timah Tbk in conjunction with the South Sumatra Natural Resource Conservation Center has transferred ten Sambar deer bulls to a captive location at Batu Besi mine, Damar district , East Belitung Regency, Tuesday (1/3/2022).

Previously, PT Timah Tbk had a Sambar and Deer Breeding License from the General Directorate of Natural Resources and Ecosystem Conservation of the Ministry of Environment and Forests to carry out sambar and deer farming in three locations, in Pangkalpinang, West Bangka and East Belitung.

As known, Sambar deer (Rusa Unicolor) is one of the protected animals. The Sambar deer has the particularity that its body is larger than other types of deer. The color of the fur is brown and some are gray or brown and red.

The Sambar deer also has another characteristic, which is the long horns, but this horn only belongs to the male Sambar deer.

To increase the type of wildlife population on Belitung Island, PT Timah Tbk is conducting captive breeding of sambar deer in the area. Additionally, captive sambar deer can also be a means of education for the community.

Later, PT Timah Tbk will cooperate with Sukamandi Sejahtera Bersama (SSB) Village Enterprises, Sukamandi Village, East Belitung Regency to manage Sambar Deer farming.

SSB Sukamandi village manager Tamzir said that as per the joint engagement with PT Timah Tbk, they have been given the trust of PT Timah Tbk to handle the captivity.

“Hopefully in the future it will become a national asset that we will maintain and develop as much as possible,” Tamzir said.

In the future, he said, this deer ranching area could be used as a pilot area that can be used as a tourist destination in the East Belitung Regency area.

Tamzir explained that to keep the deer, they received information and training from the South Sumatra Natural Resource Conservation Center and the East Belitung Environment Department on technical deer care. .

“Currently it is not open to the public, but in the future it is not impossible that it will be accessible to the public, of course in compliance with the regulations in force,” he explained. .

Meanwhile, the head of the East Belitung Environment Agency, Novis Ezuar, said the place was the first quarantine on Belitung Island for protected animals. He said the captivity of West Sumatran deer on Belitung Island has enriched the biodiversity of Belitung Island.

He felt that what PT Timah Tbk had done was very influential, to maintain biodiversity on Belitung Island.

“With the Sambar deer in captivity at Batu Besi, it will provide education to the public about the Sambar deer,” he said.

Also, it is hoped that it can provide education for students, especially students from Belitung Island. In the future, he hopes that this captivity can be opened to
general, but in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

“Hopefully this captivity can work well so that it can breed and produce more deer on Belitung Island,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Natural Resources Conservation Center of South Sumatra, through the Head of Belitung XVIII Exitu Conservation Resort Area, Junaidi, appreciated the efforts made by PT Timah Tbk to preserve the Sambar Deer in the form of ex-situ conservation through captive activities.

“It is hoped that Sambar deer farming will also be useful as a means of education for the surrounding community and encourage other businesses to be able to contribute to wildlife conservation, especially in the Bangka Islands province Belitung,” said he declared.*