Raft: How to Catch and Tame Livestock | Breeding Guide

Build your floating farm.

If you have the resources to keep livestock healthy on your Raft, they can provide a revolving source of useful items, but you’ll need to tame them first. Taming animals is quite simple once you understand the basics of taming. You will need a few things to keep your captured animals happy. They will need a bed of grass to eat, which requires fresh water to grow, which helps them produce resources that you can collect periodically. Don’t even try to keep animals on your boat until you have a steady supply of purified water. Once you have that, you can think about bringing animals aboard your house on the sea.

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How to Catch Cattle

Livestock is a special animal that you can keep and care for on your Raft. To do this, you need to create a network launcher.

  • What do you need: To catch cattle, you need a network launcher and Net Launcher canisters. These require explosive powder – collect explosive goo yellow poison inhaler fish and put it in the foundry to create explosive powder. Poison-Puffer Fish spawn in water outside of Large Desert Islands and Tropical Islands.
    • Net Launcher Recipe: x2 scrap metal, x4 plastic, x1 metal ingot, x2 bolt
    • Net can recipe: Explosive Powder x1, Rope x4, Stone x4

Once you have a Net Launcher and Net Canisters, you can start capturing animals. Here are the basics.

  • With the network launcher, shoot the cattle to catch them. Once the cattle are captured, you can transport the creature to your raft. It will be automatically tamed, and by placing it in your raft, it will consume grass and produce items depending on the creature and the items you use on it.

Once you’ve caught some cattle, you’ll need grass patches. These are available early in the game, but eventually serve a purpose.

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There are three types of cattle you can catch. They appear on he is randomly. Look for big islands to find livestock.

  • Goat: Produces milk. Use a Bucket collect milk periodically.
  • llama: Produces wool. Use Shears pick up the wool.
  • Chicken: Produces eggs. No tools required.

Below, we’ll walk you through how to get your new tamed animals produced.

How to make livestock production equipment

Cattle can produce eggs, wool, and milk – these materials are needed for high-level crafting recipes and can only be acquired by cattle. You will need to capture livestock to keep your raft running in the late game.

  • How to keep cattle fed: Livestock need grass patches to eat. You need 1 patch of grass per animal. Grass patches regrow every 5 minutes when watered and cattle eat every 8 minutes. You can manually water grass patches — grass patches need fresh water to grow – or use sprinklers.
    • Combine the sprinklers with water pipes and an electric purifier to keep the sprinklers running indefinitely. You will just need to provide battery power.

Cattle produce three different types of materials.

  • llama: Produces wool when sheared. Research to make backpacks and leather armor.
  • Goat: Produces milk when collecting in a bucket. Milk can be used to make smoothies, broth, and other recipes. You can also drink it straight or use it to refine biofuel.
  • Chicken: Produces eggs naturally without tools. Eggs can be eaten, refined into biofuel, or used in recipes. Their most important use is in healing balms and good healing balms.

Keeping your pets happy and fed is necessary! They will stop producing materials if you don’t keep feeding them fresh grass. If they run out of grass, their hunger meter will drop and they will stop producing. Grass is the only requirement to keep your animals alive. Fresh water is necessary for grass but is NOT necessary for animals.