Single scene, alligator breeding video resurfaces for the first time

You have never seen Bindiya, Lado, Phuli, Jasmine gravel houses and their children pranks in the Chambal river, nor will you hear their names like that. Along with their reproduction, photos recognizable by name have established themselves. After breeding, how do the babies hatch from the eggs and reach their mother in the water. Bhaskar has kept an eye on the nesting spots for 40 days and the sight of baby alligators emerging from the eggs is captured in the camera by Bhaskar.

In Rajasthan, 60 km from the famous seat of Karauli district, known as Alligators, more than 45 breeding sites on both banks of Chambal river crossing the border of Rajasthan and MP, together hatch eggs and hatch on Chambal’s lap. was gone. the alligators bred in about 25 ghats in 5 ranges including Etawah, Dholpur, Kesoraypatan, Palighat and Mandrayal on the Rajasthan border. Although Pali is the favorite area for alligators from Kesoray Patan in Etawah, Dholpur in UP, but Divya Ghamoos Ghat in Karauli district and Samauna Ghat in Dholpur have become unique breeding centers. Children of crocodiles are born from eggs numbering in the thousands on the banks of the Chambal River. Not only alligators but also breeding crocodile children have been discovered on the banks of the Chambal River. These days, thousands of alligator children are seen courting. The cries of these children delighted the officers of the Siècle de Chambal.

Thousands of alligators born 400 km away: Thousands of baby alligators have been born in the Chambal River, spread over an area of ​​about 400 km from Kasorai Patan to Dholpur. At present, hundreds of alligators are seen in these alligator breeding centers. With international help, in 1975 efforts were started to save alligators and crocodiles under the special program. Efforts are also being made to conserve rare species of alligators in the Chambal River which flows through MP and Rajasthan. Nowadays, newborn babies can easily see alligator children crawling on the sand by the Chambal River and sitting on the backs of female alligators. For their safety, rangers Vikram Singh, Ganpat Chaudhary, Ghadil volunteers Mahesh Meena and Suresh Meena are engaged in guarding their nesting spots at Chambal ghats in Karanpur region.

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