Squatter raised dogs in mansion, 19 rescued: Rescue


A squatter is accused of raising dogs in an abandoned mansion in Paterson, New Jersey, according to a rescue. 19 dogs were rescued after being kept in the basement.

@northjerseynews via Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge on Facebook

A squatter is accused of raising dogs in the “dilapidated basement of a once gleaming mansion” that is now abandoned in New Jersey, according to a rescue group.

A total of 19 dogs, including German shepherds and three Doberman pinschers, have been rescued by animal control officers after being raised in “horrendous conditions” at the seized home of Paterson, according to a Facebook post from animal shelter Ramapo- Bergen.

The squatter, who police believe was a repeat dog-breeding offender who lived on the dilapidated property, got away with at least one puppy, according to the shelter. Rescued dogs range from “young adults to seniors”.

McClatchy News has contacted Paterson Police for more information.

“Just a day ago, these 19 dogs were living in filth and misery for the sole purpose of breeding,” the post read. “Today they have a new lease of life, thanks to the rescue.”

The shelter says several of the dogs, described as “weak and malnourished”, were kept crammed into cages which showed “evidence of dogs digging to escape”. .

Additionally, “the feces covered the entire house, even the walls,” the shelter says.

Authorities are investigating whether these dogs are related to other German Shepherds who were recently rescued after being found “abandoned all over New Jersey and New York,” according to the group.

“The public needs to know where they ‘adopt’ their pets from and recognize the moms, dads and dogs left behind when they bring home their shiny new pup.”

At least three of the dogs rescued on May 24, named Rose, Iris and Lily, are yet to be adopted as of May 26, according to another report.

Those interested in adoption can contact [email protected] or complete an application at rbari.org.

Paterson is about 70 miles northeast of Trenton.

This story was originally published May 27, 2022 10:55 a.m.

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