Strzelecki Koalas transferred to SA for breeding program

CELEBRATING Australia’s iconic species this World Wildlife Day, HVP Plantations has played an important role in bolstering the genetics of Australia’s koalas, working with major conservation bodies and governments in Victorian and Southern -Australian to relocate four male Strzelecki koalas to a koala farm based in South Australia. program.

The substantial conservation, veterinary and logistical exercise, which was captured in a video released to coincide with World Wildlife Day, is another way HVP is working to protect and improve this iconic species, alongside its recovery plan. complete management of the koala.

“Some parts of the Australian koala population suffer from what is called a ‘genetic bottleneck’, a by-product of coming close to extinction and then repopulating from a handful of the remaining population,” said Tim McBride of HVP Plantations.

“The low gene pool has led some koalas to be more susceptible to kidney and kidney failure, among other infections such as chlamydia.

“Strzelecki koalas have a complex genetic makeup that makes them better equipped to deal with the onset of diseases such as chlamydia.

“HVP plantations are very fortunate to have a healthy population of Strzelecki koalas in our Gippsland eucalyptus plantations.

“Four young male Strzelecki koalas have been relocated to participate in the breeding program at Cleland Wildlife Park in South Australia to support the health of Australia’s koala population and help develop sustainable populations across the country.”

The AS-based program is a partnership between Koala Life, Cleland Wildlife Park (CWP), the Government of South Australia through the Department of Environment and Water (DEW) and the Victorian Department Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).

HVP Plantations chief executive Stephen Ryan said the program underscores HVP Plantations’ commitment to koala conservation.

“Supporting South Australia’s breeding program is just one aspect of our overall koala management program. HVP has a Forest Management Plan which sets out a number of initiatives and policies that HVP has put in place. in place to help sustain the koala population in Victoria,” Ryan said.

“We foster working relationships with several wildlife sanctuaries equipped to manage koalas, as well as an extensive monitoring program, which has provided the framework for collecting scientifically credible data on koala habitat in the region.

“HVP Plantations welcomes the publication of the new draft Victorian Koala Management Strategy by the Department of Environment, Lands, Water and Planning, and we look forward to exploring how we can continue to support koala conservation efforts,” Ryan said.

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