Turn data into action for better selection

This week on The seed speaks experts take a closer look at the vast amount of data available to seed variety developers and how this information translates into faster and better breeding.

From information as easy to measure as yield results to characterizing the unique physical attributes of plants, every piece of information has value. As data is tracked more accurately and organized more efficiently than ever before, how can selection put this growing pool of data into action?

Join Sonja Begemann, Editorial Director of Seed World Group, to learn more about how data and data management tools can lead to better and faster product development. She is accompanied by two experts:

  • Jesse Gilsinger, BASF North America’s leading soy selection company. He grew up on a cattle and grain farm in Indiana and has about 15 years of ranching experience. Gilsinger received his Ph.D. in 2008 from North Carolina State University.
  • Steve Tankley, Director of Natural Source Enhanced Plants (NSIP) Technology. He and his team at NSIP use the science of operations research to help their clients get the most out of their genetics. This emerging field of science uses millions of data points to revolutionize plant breeding.

Mark your calendar for noon CST, Wednesday, March 9.