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Watch: Farmland – Changes to PAC and AI in Livestock

This week’s episode of Farmland focuses on the main differences in the future common agricultural policy (CAP), changes to the derogation for nitrates and the use of artificial insemination (AI) in animal husbandry.

The program, which is now live on the platform, visible by clicking on the Youtube link above.

In the episode, Agriland Editor-in-Chief Stella Meehan speaks to Longford-based agricultural advisers Paul Belton and Thomas Quinn as they look ahead to the 2023-2027 CAP and note changes to the eco-scheme, Organic Farming Scheme (OFS ) and the new Agri Climate Rural Environmental Scheme (ACRES).

Both offer their views on the main stumbling blocks that farmers might encounter when opting for these measures and they share advice on considering the options that are right for your farming system.

In addition to this, they discuss changes to the nitrate action program and explain how potential changes to the waiver could impact farmers across the country.

Later in farmland

Later in the episode, Rose Goulding, Beef Program Manager at the Irish Cattle Breeding Center (ICBC), talks to from Agriland Beef Technical Specialist Breifne O’Brien on the latest trends in AI and farming models.

Goulding explains how AI can play a role in reducing emissions. She explains that by raising cattle that will start calving at 24 months, calve themselves every year and have a reduced slaughter age, farmers can minimize emissions and maximize profits.

Within the suckler herd, she notes a significant increase in demand for low-maintenance cattle, leading to an increase in the popularity of polled genetics, to avoid time-consuming processes such as dehorning.

This week’s Farmland episode and podcast is now live on the Agriland Platform. All previous episodes can be streamed via the award-winning digital platform,, and links will also be available at Agriland social media platforms.

All episodes of farmland can be viewed by clicking here. Farmland – the podcast is also available on all major podcast platforms.

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