Why Legends: Arceus Is Lacking In Pokemon Breeding

Pokémon Legends: Arceus removed the spawn mechanic from most major Pokémon games, but world spawn mechanics and Grit items replace it.

Despite its popularity, reproductive mechanisms are not included in Pokemon Legends: Arceus and the exclusion could be frustrating for many fans of the series. Pokemon Legends: Arceus replaced many old mechanics from previous Pokemon games with concepts that better match the open-world inspired map locations that make up the Hisui region. While hatching eggs can be a fun way to breed for Shiny Pokemon or get companions with great stats, the feature is being deprecated with new items and methods being tested in updated gameplay.

Livestock in the Pokemon the series has been a fun side job since Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal in Gen 2. Players can place two Pokémon of opposite genders—that are part of the same egg group—together at a nursery in a game’s region for a chance to get eggs. If one of the Pokémon is from another country, the chances of getting a Shiny Pokémon Egg increase dramatically, even before players reach the Shiny Charm. Breeding also provides the opportunity to obtain Pokemon with high base IVs, which is especially important for competitive players, as raising these stats can be difficult and expensive.


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However, in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, IVs have been replaced by effort levels. Each Pokemon has different base sets of EL when caught, with lower level Pokemon starting out with only a few levels in each area and Alpha Pokemon possessing higher initial levels. Effort levels are surprisingly easy to upgrade, requiring Grit items of different types to give a total level of 10 in each stat. This means players can boost the Effort Levels of any Pokemon they like, including wild-caught Shiny Pokemon, to have competitive and powerful stat values. This change eliminates one of the main goals of breeding – getting rare, high-level companions as an asset in battles.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ Tale Makes Daycare Facilities Unlikely

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However, the narrative probably has a big part to play in why Pokémon Daycares aren’t included in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. It is quickly established that in the Hisui region, the residents of Jubilife Village, and many others outside, are nervous around Pokémon. The player spends a lot of time during side quests convincing others that Pokémon are safe and effective companions. Because day cares require hands-on care, unlike the storage pen seen in Pokemon Legends: Arceusit’s likely that no one has considered opening a business that voluntarily monitors potentially dangerous and destructive creatures.

Despite this, it might be interesting to see a daycare-inspired system added to Pokemon Legends: Arceus in future game updates. Diamond and Pearl Clan locations could be potential areas to see rudimentary daycare, as clans are less nervous around Pokémon. It could also be added to Jubilife Village as a reward for completing a number of side quests in Legends: Arceus, next to an egg carton. The Pokémon hatched in Pokemon Legends: Arceus could introduce new perks for farming, like an extra move slot or new animations, that make farming just as rewarding as previous titles in the series.

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